The Woman Who Lived Between the Walls (I Didn't Want Much from a Man, But I Asked the Wrong Man For It) is the latest publication by Pauline M. Brown, a South Carolina poet and storyteller who writes to communicate her compassion for people, her respect for the past, her concern for the future, and her reverence for God.
      An autobiography with allegorical overtones, The Woman Who Lived Between the Walls recounts the many harsh and unexpected trials and tribulations that one woman had to overcome in her thirty-year journey toward self-understanding and self-acceptance. Mrs. Brown's religious faith provided the support and consolation that she needed in order to face her life with courage, and her book is a testimony to that faith.

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  About the Author

    Pauline Mixson Brown was born on January 14, 1950, in Aiken County, South Carolina, but was reared in Barnwell.
    In 1968, Mrs. Brown began writing love letters every day to her husband, who was serving in the Vietnam War, and she has been writing steadily ever since that time. She loves to write, has five hundred pen pals, and has composed more than five hundred poems. In the thirty years since the Vietnam War ended, she has had dozens of changes to endure and trials to overcome. As she looks back over her life, however, she gives God the glory for making her a strong-minded and self-sufficient woman.
    Although Pauline Brown and her husband took different roads in life, still they remained friends. According to Mrs. Brown, “Life is short, and only God knows everything. Now I have a new life in Christ, and to God be the glory. Thanks be to Him and to each of you.”


  The Walls I Had to Escape to Find Myself (The Price I Paid for Loving a No-Good Man) is the seventh and latest publication by Pauline M. Brown.

      An autobiography with allegorical overtones, this book continues the story of the many harsh trials and tribulations that Mrs. Brown had to overcome in her journey toward self-understanding and self-acceptance and the book is a testimony to the religious faith that carried her through.



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The Man Who Lived in the Ditch: A School Girl's Story
Including Selected Poems
by Pauline M. Brown

    This book was written for the young and the old in hopes of bringing joy into their lives. What it is, really, is the reflections of a schoolgirl who learns many good lessons and strong values through her everyday life experiences and through her parents’ teachings.

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